2020-2021 Membership subscription $50 due 1st July 2020

DOCSA Annual General Meeting

Monday 13th July 8pm

MSA club rooms, 251 The Parade, Kensington Gardens

Sunday Ride 14th July leaving OTR The Parade, Kensington 10am

Ride Captain: Andy Bedford - 0488 013 180

Coffee: Meadows; Lunch: Unplanned

Sunday Ride

Sunday Ride Leaving OTR The Parade, Kensington Ride Captain: Andy Bedford - 0488 013 180 Coffee: Meadows Lunch: Unplanned Stands up: 10 am
On Sun, 12. July 2020
09:30 h

DOCSA is a great group for people who own or ride a Ducati, would like to own a Ducati or are interested in Ducati's.

Come along, meet other members, get advice from long term owners and enjoy the fun

-Roy Henderson
President DOCSA